Rotary Shear SPR

Rotary Shear SPR is composed of two parallel cutting shafts.

The rotating cutting shafts are driven by individual gearboxes in opposite directions in order to grab and cut the input material. The disc blades mounted on the cutting shafts are equipped with hooks, thus actively gripping the material in order to cut and break between the disc blades.


Robust and Versatile Equipment

The materials cut both longitudinally and transversely, due to the configuration of the cutting chamber.

The cutting size will be determined by: the width of the disc, the number of discs and the amount of teeth that each disc has.
The equipment can be sized according to customer needs.


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Hydraulic Pusher

The Rotary Shear SPR can be associated with a hydraulic pusher.

This is useful for products that are fed by a conveyor belt and that, due to their low density or high size, can generate vaults. The hydraulic pusher helps the material to be captured by the crusher teeth, thereby increasing the production of the Rotary Shear.


Quick and Easy Shafts Change

The Rotary Shear SPR is equipped with a sophisticated “quick exchange system” for the cutting shafts

The hopper can be easily removed by using a hydraulic system, and then they can be quickly disassembled and exchange as complete units. The quick exchange system for the cutting axes entails an increase in the availability of the equipment stops, which means a significant increase in the production of the plant.




TDF – Scrap Tyre / Tyre Derived Fuel
C&I – Comercial and Industrial non-special waste
RDF – Refuse Derived Fuel
P&C – Paper and  Cardboard
WEEE – Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Medical Waste
Hazardous Waste



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